Stop Smoking

Our specialist advisers are all qualified and trained to deliver stop smoking advice to clients.

Public Health England, Case Study 

Our Stop Smoking Advisers will support you throughout your quit attempt and will see you until you feel completely confident to remain smoke free.

The first appointment is usually booked to last 30 minutes.  At this appointment the adviser will ask you about any quit attempts you may have had in the past and look at your current smoking habit and then help you make a plan for stopping.

You will also be asked to do a simple breath test to look at carbon monoxide levels in your breath.  This helps to determine your dependency levels and the amount and type of medication you might need.

Varenicline and Nicotine Replacement Therapy are all available on prescription and these medications will be discussed with you on your first appointment.

The ongoing action plan will include:

  1.   setting a quit date
  2.   getting the medications as discussed
  3.   follow up appointment

If you would like to be seen with another family member or friend this can be arranged at the time of booking the first appointment.

The Stop Smoking Stages

All of our advisers are specially trained and are dedicated to helping people stop smoking. We make sure they are up to date with all the latest evidenced based treatments so that they can advise clients on the easiest & most effective way to stop smoking for good. They are all supportive of smokers and have lots of experience of helping people stop as well as experience of stopping smoking themselves!

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